The 10 rules

  1. Help us to preserve nature and our beautiful set of farm buildings. Leave everything as you found it: clean, tidy and serene.
  2. Help us to protect the local forest and prevent fires: if you need to smoke, use the individual ashtrays available at check-in.
  3. Help us to create a safe environment, and if you detect a suspicious situation or someone at risk, or feel in a case of emergency, ask for help to a staff member, the fire department or security staff present on-site.
  4. Celebrate the music while taking care of yourself: due to the heat of the Alentejo, stay hydrated throughout the event, drinking lots of water. Drink alcohol in moderation.
  5. Always have your wristband with you – it is personal and non-transferable – do not remove it from your wrist until the end of the event. The ticket includes admission to the concerts. Any and all food items, including drinks, are prohibited.
  6. Follow the event schedule. Entry to the venue must always be made from 5:30 pm and departure must take place just after the end of the last concert, at 4:00 am. If you want to use the shuttle service, follow the predefined times.
  7. Park only at the indicated location: if you are a hotel guest, park at the hotel park; if not, park by the entrance to the estate. The rest of the route must be done on foot (lasts approximately 5 minutes).
  8. Circulate only within the area designated for the event and respect the remaining public areas of the hotel, intended for the exclusive use of guests.
  9. Respect the use of the pool by hotel guests: the pools are for their exclusive use.
  10. Feel the music, the land, the granitic outcrops ancestral landscape, and the full moon, and have fun!


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