What is Barrocal Sound EDP?

It is a music and food festival that takes place between the 3rd and 4th of July at São Lourenço do Barrocal. Barrocal Sound EDP emerges in an atmosphere of contemplation, intimate, with two days fulfilled by ‘roots music’ in unique settings, ranging from the granitic outcrops (called ‘barrocais’) to the biggest menhir in Portugal, going through the old beehive garden of São Lourenço do Barrocal.


What are the opening and closing times of the event?

On the 3rd and 4th of July, the event will open its doors at 5:30 pm and close at 4:00 am, time until which there will be music playing throughout the property.
On the 5th of July, check-out for hotel guests is at 12:00 pm.


What are the stages that make up the festival?

They are the ‘Menir’ Stage (the 7.000 years old menhir), the ‘Colmeal’ Stage (the old apiary of the estate) and the ‘Barrocais’ Stage (tha natural setting of granitic outcrops and olive trees).


What’s the ticket’s price?

The 2-day pass (3 and 4 of July) costs €290 per person. This ticket does not include accommodation, any food or any beverages.


How does the ticket exchange for a bracelet work?

The ticket is personal and non-transferable. When showing your ticket purchased online at the event check-in, you will be given an inviolable bracelet, which you must keep until the end of the event. Only with this bracelet will you have access to concerts.


What is the minimum age to enter the event?

Children under 14 are not allowed to enter the event.


Does the ticket include accommodation?

No, but you can book your stay directly on the hotel’s website. Alternatively, see our Where to stay suggestions.


How do I get to the festival?

See our directions on How to get here.


How to I make payments during the festival?

The bracelet that you receive at the event’s check-in is rechargeable via the link that was sent to you after the ticket was purchased. It is possible to recharge it again on your mobile phone (MB Way, ATM Reference and Credit Card) or directly in the bars.
Cash payment is not accepted at the event.


Where can I eat during the event?

The dinners included in the event will take place between 9:00 pm and 11:00 pm at a designated location. These dinners will have a preset buffet-style menu, and a maximum duration of two hours. After midnight on the 3rd and 4th of July, snacks will be served at the bars of the event, subject to an additional cost.
Please note that during lunch hours on the 3rd and 4th of July, the hotel’s main restaurant will be used exclusively by hotel guests.
There are excellent dining options nearby. See our suggestions on Where to eat.


What can I visit during the day in the region?

The medieval village of Monsaraz, the great Lake Alqueva, the local wineries, such as Esporão and José de Sousa, the megalithic heritage, such as the Cromeleque do Xerez and the Menir do Outeiro, the wool factory of Reguengos de Monsaraz, the potteries in São Pedro do Corval, the Nautical Center of Monsaraz and the river beaches of Monsaraz and Mourão.


Can I use the pool and other services at São Lourenço do Barrocal?

No, the pool and other services are for the exclusive use of hotel guests. We ask you to respect their privacy.


Can I smoke in the venue?

Being an outdoor event, smoking will be allowed inside the premises. For this, there is a portable ashtray that is given to you at check-in. Please always use it and respect your safety and that of others. TOTAL FIRE PROHIBITION is in effect for the duration of the festival. No flames, bonfires, candles, or gas stoves are permitted. The region where Barrocal Sound EDP takes place has a high risk of fire, so please help us avoid it.


Is there a place to store my personal belongings?

No. We advise the clients of the event to bring as little as possible. The Barrocal Sound EDP organization and the São Lourenço do Barrocal hotel are not responsible for damage or loss of personal property.


Is there a dress code policy?

Barrocal Sound EDP is a relaxed event that takes place in the heart of nature. You should therefore come with light clothing and comfortable shoes. Nudism during the event is not allowed. Please respect the other participants’ private space.


Can I take my pet?

No. Sorry, pets are not allowed on the premises, except guide dogs for the blind.


Is there a shuttle service to the venue?

Yes, during both days of the festival. Schedules and routes will be made available soon.


Does the venue have parking?

Yes, hotel guests park in the hotel car park while event guests can do so at the entrance to the property. We ask you to respect the signs and park only in the area created for the purpose.


What do I do in case of emergency?

Barrocal Sound EDP has a private security team available to assist you in case of a security related emergency. In the event of a medical emergency, a First Aid team is available. Please address to it.


Is there anything else I should know?

Take a look at our TOP 10 Rules to take into consideration.