3 of July

07:30pm Anouar Brahem Quartet

11:30pm Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Farsa Circus Band

01:00am Be Svendsen

4 of July

07:30pm Lubomyr Melnyk

11:30pm Islandman

01:00am Oceanvs Orientalis Live


Anouar Brahem Quartet 

Stage Barrocais
3 of July | 07:30pm

Anouar Brahem is the oud’s conjuror, an authentic master at bringing out the acoustic magic which this age-old traditional Oriental lute carries inside its calabash: the musical heritage of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Brahem is a phenomenon, a concentrated mix of prolific paradoxes: he is a supremely subversive classicist; a solitary soloist, resolutely open to the world; and a “culture smuggler”, a man ever inclined to venture beyond his own limits and push back musical frontiers… without yielding an inch to aesthetic standards forged across time and tempered with deep respect for tradition.


From the rich repertoire of Jazz – John Surman, Dave Holland, Jan Garbarek and Jack DeJohnette are just some of the leading players to succumb to Brahem’s melodic spells – to the multiple and diverse traditions of Mediterranean and Oriental influence, (from his native Tunisia to the confines of India and Iran), his sensitive yet rigorous music constantly redefines a cleverly composite universe of poetry and culture, ever balancing between discretion and sensuality, nostalgia and contemplation.

All Brahem’s albums, innovatory and timeless, and acclaimed by the public and the international critics, have been allowing the musisian to confirm his role as one of the rare composers and musicians able to create music both rooted in a highly sophisticated but ancestral culture and eminently contemporary in its global ambition.

Anouar Brahem Quartet will play “The Astounding Eyes of Rita”, an album dedicated to the Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish,  in the stage Barrocais on July 3rd, at 7:30 pm, with Anouar Brahem  playing the oud, Klaus Gesing  the clarinet bass, Björn Meyer  the bass,  and Khaled Yassine the darbouka and bendir.

Sílvia Pérez Cruz & Farsa Circus Band 

Stage Barrocais
3 of July | 11:30pm

Sílvia Pérez Cruz, one of the most extraordinary voices in Spain, and impossible to catalog in one style, was born in Palafrugell, on the Costa Brava of Girona, Catalonia, in 1983. Despite growing up listening to pop music, it was in the fusion of jazz with flamenco and classical music that she found her place. She studied piano, saxophone (her mother, the singer Glòria Cruz i Torrellas, taught her) and singing at the University of Music of Catalonia, in Barcelona. At night, she performed at the “La Bella Lola” tavern with her father, also a musician, Càstor Pérez.


She reached the general public in an overwhelming way with her first album, “11 de novembre”, nominated for best album in Spain and France in 2012, and which included the participation of guitarist Raul Fernandez Miró. In addition to receiving a gold record for this work, she saw, in the same year, the song “No Te Puedo Encontrar” – which she composed for the soundtrack of “Blancanieves” – winning a Goya Award.

Two years later, and again with Miró, she released an album of versions, “Granada”, where she explores musical and linguistic sounds, sung in French, English, German and four Iberian languages ​​- and with which she again achieved gold. In 2017, she launched “Vestida de nit”, which combines classics from her repertoire with unpublished works and with which she traveled through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, Turkey, Italy, France and Japan (in addition to more than thirty Spanish cities).

In July 2018, Grito Pelao premiered at the Avignon Festival, in which he received the Max Award for best musical composition and best dance show, together with the dancer and choreographer Rocío Molina. It should be noted that the singer, throughout her career, has been collaborating with artists such as Gino Paoli, Stefano Bollani, Toquinho or Joan Manuel Serrat.

Currently, she is launching and promoting the #proyectodrama, an online platform on which she shares songs that she creates together with other artists working on theater, cinema, dance or poetry. She saw recently her interpretation of Intemperie, which enters the film by Benito Zambrano with the same name, winning a Goya Award for best original song.

She will come to Barrocal Sound to present her most recent work, Farsa, full of original songs. Multidisciplinary, this work reveals the restlessness and duality between the real world and inner fragility. Sílvia Pérez Cruz will sing accompanied by her band, Farsa Circus Band.

Be Svendsen

Palco Colmeal
3 of July | 01:00am

The Copenhagen musician, creator of a melodic and organic techno, saw 2014 open up for him the biggest electronic music festivals – like Burning Man, Fusion or BOOM. Described as the “Tarantino of techno” (for combining what is familiar with the obscure), Be Svendsen joins world music with syncopated beats and synthesizers that resemble meditation, through the constant repetition of sounds.


He has been sharing his shamanic vision of life with the public since 2011, when he started his first solo project, a series of EPs and remixes that recap sounds from the four corners of the globe. Interestingly, he doesn’t listen to electronic music, preferring tribal sounds, Arabic melodies or the soundtrack of a classic spaghetti-western.

He sees music as an expression of emotions, but also as the capture of an unrepeatable moment, “as the essence of the oscillation between a smile and a tear” – an idea taken from a documentary on jazz that he saw more than a decade ago. That was precisely the name he gave to his first album, “Between a Smile and a Tear”, released in 2018.

He was born in the Danish capital as Lasse Bruhn Svendsen and played the first MIDI keyboard at the age of 8, on loan from an uncle. At 15, he bought his first electronic material and it was in hip hop and scratch that he took his first steps. He never studied music at a professional level and has the greatest ally in the computer mouse.

Lubomyr Melnyk

Stage Menir
4 of July | 07:30pm

Lubomyr Melnyk is the pioneer of Continuous Piano Music… and one of the truly great pianists of our time – in fact, some consider him to be the greatest pianist alive because of his virtuosity and his extraordinary ability to create effects on the piano that no one has ever been able to do before.


This completely new language – Continuous Music – is a new approach to the piano, characterized by mental and finger agilities to handle the complex and difficult note-generations that are needed to create this entirely new sound to the piano, where one can sometimes hear a full orchestra or even sounds of nature.

In the mid-‘70s, he began working on new concepts of piano playing that combined many elements from the Classical piano technique merging with the transcendent philosophies of the Martial Arts including Tai Chi. With his singular piano technique, he creates ground-breaking sound effects, sometimes playing at super-sonic speeds of over 19.5 notes per second in each hand. He is duly called “The Prophet Of The Piano”.

Between 1980 and 1990, he released six albums, and his “The Song of Galadriel” was listed as “one of the 10 most important albums of our time” by the New York Stereo Review Magazine. Since 2002 he has released about 16 new digital albums including “Illirion”. He has been commissioned by many music groups, including The New Chamber Orchestra, the Deutsche Rundfunk, and the National Ballet of Canada. In recent years, he has been appearing at various music festivals and presenting concerts all over the world.

His musical works scan a wide variety of instrumental variations, from solo and double piano to ensembles, opera, string quartets, modern ballet, orchestra, and everything beyond.


Stage Barrocais
4 of July | 11:30pm

This electroacoustic trio identifies itself as being a fictional character, a musical persona or a composer of stories from a place that does not exist. Confused? Nothing like that. The musical project by Turkish producer Tolga Boyuk, Eralp Güven and Erdem Baer mixes electronic music with Anatolian psychedelics and shamanic rhythms.


They believe that music is the “vibration of time” and look for exotic sound places with every performance they make, going far beyond the post-hippie stereotype. They have, for now, several singles and two recordings in their luggage – the EP “Agit” and the album “Rest in Space”, both from 2017 – which show songs built in layers, capable of overlapping mysterious instrumentalizations, ideal for pack desert landscapes. “Rest in Space”, in fact, reached the first place in its category, due to the high number of downloads.

Formed in 2010, they have performed in emblematic festivals such as Montreux Jazz, Sunbeat Festival or BOOM.

Tha band was until very recently recording in the studio their second album “Kaybola”, released in early 2020.

Oceanvs Orientalis Live

Stage Colmeal
4 of July | 01:00am

Founded by Safak Oz Kutle, Oceanvs Orientalis is a formation which aims to challenge the aesthetic perception in electronic music. It’s a one-man action. It blends itself with the archaelogic tunes of mankind’s cumulative musical history and in this very context believes that “everything comes from the east”.


He uses electronic music to carry the old vibes he grew up with to the dancefloor, transforming irregular local rhythms into 4/4 electronic beats.

Since 2011 he has been making both DJ sets and live performances, and since 2015 he has been focusing on live shows.