Terms and Conditions


Barrocal Sound Lda.
NIF: 515840734
Address: Rua Castilho, nº 67, 1º, Sala 1, 1250-068 Lisboa, Portugal

Ticket sales are understood to be held in our social domicile and ticket purchase through any point of sale, online or physical, implies the acceptance of the following conditions:



1.1 The general pass will be exchanged for a wristband, placed upon the act of exchange. This exchange must be witnessed and loose wristbands will not be given. The wristband are personal and non-transmissable. In case of loss or poor preservation of this element, access to the site will not be authorized.

1.2 The festival organization will deny access to the site to the bearers of tickets in the following circumstances:

1.2.1 Tickets which are patched, torn or that present signs of forgery.

1.2.2 The bearer shows an attitude which is violent or that publicly incites hatred, violence or discrimination for reasons of origin, race, gender, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other social or personal condition or circumstance, and especially, the ticket bearer who behaves in an aggressive manner or who provokes disturbances outside the site upon entering, who carries arms or objects which are susceptible of being used as such, who has clothes, objects or symbols that assume the support of activities contrary to the fundamental rights recognized in the Constitution.

1.2.3 The bearer presents symptoms of intoxication or consuming, or having consumed drugs or illegal substances.

1.2.4 The exercise of the right of admission does not carry, in any case, the denial of access to the ticket bearer for reasons of origin, race, gender, religion, opinion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other personal or social condition or circumstance.

1.2.5 By entering the site, the public may be subjected to search according to the law. The entrance of objects that may be considered dangerous by the organization or which are forbidden by the existing law is not allowed.

1.2.6 The organization may deny access or expel from the site ticket bearers who incur in the non compliance of instructions of the organization’s employees, as well as when one can rationally assume that a situation of risk or danger for the bearer or the rest of the public, be it through apparent or potential intoxication, the ticket bearer being held responsible in all cases, through their own actions or omissions, that cause harm to third parties or damage to property.

1.2.7 No illegal substances can be brought to the festival site. Please respect your health and limits.

1.2.8 Admission to the venue is at the risk and expense of the ticket holder. The promoter and the owner will not be held responsible for loss or damage to property or people during participation in this event. The customer acknowledges and agrees that the property on which the festival is organized is an inherently dangerous place, which may contain various known and unknown, natural and artificial obstacles, risks and dangers, which may result in loss or damage to the customer’s property or personal injury. Knowing that this is the case, if the customer chooses to participate in the festival, the customer is agreeing to do so at his/her own risk, waiving and renouncing all rights to claim against the promoter and owner for any loss or injury that may suffer at the venue.



In case of sale of tickets for other concerts directly held by teh promoter, the rules established by the concert’s promoter/organization will be in effect.

Purchase of tickets for the Barrocal Sound EDP festival presupposes the acceptance of the following conditions:

2.1 Once bought, the ticket will only be exchanged or reimbursed in case of event cancellation. It will be considered cancelled when suspension of more than half of programmed concerts is suspended. Unfavourable climate conditions, natural disasters, closing of Portuguese air space or other causes of force majeure which are not imputable to the organization will not constitute a condition for ticket reimbursement.

2.2 The organization does not guarantee the authenticity of tickets that have not been acquired in the official points of sale. Ticket resale is not allowed. The festival organization will not assume any responsibility in case of loss or theft of tickets.

2.3 The providing of personal data for an accompanying person will have to be done with the consent of the person in question, having been previously informed of the privacy policy for data treatment that is in the following clause:

2.3.1 The ticket bearer recognizes that he/she may appear on images collected by different media within the festival sites for posterior informative and promotional broadcast, authorizing their use, being this use the responsibility of each medium.

2.3.2 The ticket bearer acknowledges that it may appear in images collected by the São Lourenço do Barrocal film crew within the festival site for later information and / or promotional dissemination, authorizing their use.

2.4 Regarding images collected by the promoter, the data are incorporated on files under the responsibility of the promoter, with the goal of managing the purchase and/or its relation. The right to access, rectify, cancel of oppose the treatment of personal data can be done through the e-mail info@barrocalsoundedp.pt or at the company’s head office. The data provided data must be true. The registration of those under the age of 14 is not allowed.

2.5 Possession of a ticket does not give the bearer or third parties the right to use it or its contents for advertising, marketing or promotional purposes (including competitions, prizes and/or draws) associated to the ticket bearer or any third parties. Failure to fulfil this point will force the unauthorized announcer/ user to pay an effective penalty equivalent to a thousand times the value of the ticket(s), without loss of further complaints for general damages.

2.6 All rights of image and intellectual property are reserved. Any filming, recording or reproduction within the sites is forbidden, unless indicated by the organization.

2.7. In case of doubt, there are points of information inside the site. Any person interested will find a book for registration of complaints in the festival site.

2.8. The language of the contract is based on the chosen language.

2.9. The document for acceptance of conditions is filed in the computer files of the promoter. Data access can be done for a month, being able to be printed and kept in third party systems.

2.10. Entry of any kind of food and beverage, in plastic, glass or metal containers, is expressly forbidden.



3.1 Children up to and including 13 years old will not be able to entre the festival. Children between 14 and 18 years old can enter the festival by paying full ticket price and must be accompanied by parents or guardians. Guardians must carry the documentation that identifies them as such.

3.2 The organization informs that current legislation expressly forbids sale of alcohol to those under the age of 18 years old.



4.1 Help us to preserve nature and our beautiful set of farm buildings. Leave everything as you found it: clean, tidy and serene.

4.2 Help us to protect the local forest and prevent fires: if you need to smoke, use the individual ashtrays available at check-in.

4.3 Help us to create a safe environment, and if you detect a suspicious situation or someone at risk, or feel in a case of emergency, ask for help to a staff member, the fire department or security staff present on-site.

4.4 Celebrate the music while taking care of yourself: due to the heat of the Alentejo, stay hydrated throughout the event, drinking lots of water. Drink alcohol in moderation.

4.5 Always have your wristband with you – it is personal and non-transferable – do not remove it from your wrist until the end of the event. The ticket includes admission to the concerts. Any and all food items, including drinks, are prohibited.

4.6 Follow the event schedule. Entry to the venue must always be made from 5:30 pm and departure must take place just after the end of the last concert, at 4:00 am. If you want to use the shuttle service, follow the predefined times.

4.7 Park only at the indicated location: if you are a hotel guest, park at the hotel park; if not, park by the entrance to the estate. The rest of the route must be done on foot (lasts approximately 5 minutes).

4.8 Circulate only within the area designated for the event and respect the remaining public areas of the hotel, intended for the exclusive use of guests.

4.9 Respect the use of the pool by hotel guests: the pools are for their exclusive use.

4.10 Feel the music, the land, the granitic outcrops ancestral landscape, and the full moon, and have fun!



5.1 Purchase will be made through an external payment platform, which is not our responsibility and is outside of the promoter’s purview.

5.2 Non-compliance of the above requirements is sufficient reason for expulsion from the site and does not entitle the reimbursement of the value paid for the ticket.

5.3 The promoter reserves the right to nullify or modify any of the previous points. In this case, the public will be immediately notified through the communication channels which the organization deems appropriate or relevant.

5.4 The organization reserves the right to change or modify the programme.